Friday, January 25, 2013

The Butler Did It! did it

Well, that was quick. Just 10 months after I finished writing it, and 2 months after I submitted it, Pioneer has agreed to publish The Butler Did It! This comedy/mystery is my third play with them and my first full-length.

I'm actually kind of surprised. Pioneer Drama Service is known for light-hearted, wholesome plays, and while The Butler Did It! isn't exactly adult fare, it is a little dark. Unlike a lot of  mysteries intended for the high school and community theater market, the victim really does get killed and in a rather bloody way (though discretely offstage). Adultery is briefly mentioned, and the play culminates in some exciting gunplay.

But the language is clean, and from my experience at least, audiences will never go more than 30 seconds without a great big gut-busting laugh.

So I'm glad Pioneer is taking a chance with it. Ironically though, it still hasn't received a full production, just a couple of staged readings that were very helpful in punching up the dialogue.

Who will give it its world premiere? I can't wait to find out.

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