The Enchanted Bookshop Musical
Castro Valley Dramatic Arts Academy
Castro Valley, CA
January 2020

"I think I can fix your spine with just a few drops of glue."

The Enchanted Bookshop Musical
Haystack Productions
Beausejour, MB, Canada
December 2019

"We promise that we'll follow
All your rules.
Although they are a pain
And they drive us half insane
It's what you told us all to do."

The Enchanted Bookshop
Marysville, OH
March 2019

"Tom! I told you to put that slingshot away!"

The Enchanted Bookshop
American International School of Muscat
Muscat, Oman
January-February, 2019

"Dorothy! Heidi! Tom! You're real!"

Trouble in Paradise Junction
Iowa Central Community College
Fort Dodge, IA
October 2018

"Oh, yeah? Does this taste like it came from the Higgledy Piggledy?"

Lights! Camera! Murder!
Johnston Heights Church
Surrey, BC, Canada
May 2018

"Thinking? Thinking?! Always with the brain you are thinking!" 

The Enchanted Bookshop
WACT Youth Theatre
Drinagh, Ireland
May 2018

"Vy doesn't he ever shpeak English?" 

The Enchanted Bookshop
Optimists Club of Milton
Milton, WI
February 2018

"I've got more than enough evidence to book you.
Hey, did you hear that? Book you! I made a joke!"

The Enchanted Bookshop
Fort Worth Academy
Fort Worth, TX
December 2017

"I'll write it! I have the best penmanship in my class!"

Million Dollar Meatballs
Gyeongnam International Foreign School
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
May 2017

"Yes, but I've got the zucchini--I mean gun!" 

Trouble in Paradise Junction
Benzie Central Middle School
Benzonia, MI
May 2017

"It just says I refused to sell out the town for five million dollars."

Trouble in Paradise Junction
Buchanan Black Box Players
Buchanan, SK, Canada
March 2017

"Did I miss anything while I was gone?"

How I Met Your Mummy
Armstrong Junior High School
Kittanning, PA
February 2017

"You know, this plan is sounding worse all the time."

You're Driving Me Crazy!
Lake Central High School
St. John, IN
December 2016

"Are you feeling all right? Because you kind of smell like... pickles."

The Butler Did It!
Aspirations Players
Muscat, Oman
June 2016

"Gram, you naughty thing! Where did you get those bullets?"

Million Dollar Meatballs
Wichita County Arts Alliance
Leoti, KS
April 2016

Photo by Kelsie Conard.

"Don't worry. It's non-fat."

How I Met Your Mummy
Gaslight Theater Players
Sardinia, OH
March 2016

"Do you mind? You're standing on my lunch."

The Last Radio Show
Black Box Theatre
Colorado Springs, CO
January 2016

"It looks like a diseased muskrat crawled on top of your head and died." 

Rumpelstiltskin, Private Eye
Center Stage Jackson
Jackson, MI
November 2015

"It's these new contacts. I can't do a thing with them." 

Million Dollar Meatballs
Fort Lupton High School
Fort Lupton, CO
November 2015

"Oh, no. The migratory behavior of waterfowl is no laughing matter."

Rumpelstiltskin, Private Eye
Community Players
Beatrice, NE
November 2015

Photo by Jory Schweers/Daily Sun staff.

"Hey, watch the name-calling. You don't look so hot yourself."

Rumpelstiltskin, Private Eye
Horizon Middle School
Bismarck, ND
April 2015

"Your house was made of straw. A mildly
hungry cow would have destroyed it."

The Butler Did It!
Kansas City Christian School
Prairie Village, KS
April 2015

"You've got to wrap him clockwise. Something 
to do with the rotation of the earth." 

The Butler Did It!
Jericho High School
Jericho, NY
November 2014

"I'm sorry, Lucinda, but I'm not feeling
particularly romantic at the moment." 

You're Driving Me Crazy!
Short + Sweet Theatre Festival
Canberra, Australia
August 2014

Photo by Kelly McGannon.

"Sorry. I thought I saw a train heading toward us." 

You're Driving Me Crazy!
Lakeshore Players 10-Minute Play Festival
White Bear Lake, MN
June 2014

"Oh, Ben has a problem keeping his eyes

where he should. Don't you, Ben?"

The Butler Did It!
The Old Grantsville Church Dinner Theatre
Grantsville, UT
February-March 2014

"What would possibly make her think I'm a Boer?"

You're Driving Me Crazy!
Acme Theater
Waltham, MA
January 2014

Copyright 2014. Photo by Tom Powers.

"But my whole life was on there!"

Kill the Critic!
Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts
Palmer Lake, CO
June 2013

Copyright 2013. Photo by Uriah Werner.

"If anyone's going to kill that mouse, it's going to be me."

Fear of Clowns
Silver Spring Stage
Silver Spring, MD
August 2012

Copyright 2012. Photo by Harvey Levine.

"It doesn't seem to matter what I do. People just laugh."

The _urloined Letter
St. Ann School
Nashville, TN
April 2012

"I shwear I’m going to shue that dentisht!"

Long Tall Lester
Westcliffe Center for the Performing Arts
Westcliffe, CO
September 2011

Copyright 2011 Wet Mountain Tribune. Photo by Jacque Keller.

"He don't look like much of a sheriff."

The _urloined Letter
Pine Crest School
Fort Lauderdale, FL
October 2010

Copyright 2010. Photo by Jim Patrick.

"You can imagine my _redicament."


  1. I wish you would write a sequel to "The Butler Did It"
    It has been one of the most fun plays to direct.

    1. Thanks! I don't have any plans to write a sequel for that one, but I do have another funny murder mystery you might enjoy. It's called "Lights! Camera! Action!" and it'll be released this fall by Brooklyn Publishers (