Thursday, August 30, 2018

An enchanted interview

Local theatre productions rarely get TV coverage, youth theatre productions even less so. So I was thrilled to come across this TV interview out of Springfield, IL.

These well-spoken young ladies play Margie and Heidi in the M.A.S.S. Media Productions production of The Enchanted Bookshop and they do a great job describing their experience in the show.

Want to know the takeaway of the play? Zoe Chase (Margie) has a simple answer: Books are wonderful!

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Side note: M.A.S.S. Media is doing a sensory friendly show on Saturday afternoon for autistic and other special needs children, with subdued lights and sounds and the freedom to wander around and talk during the performance. I know this has been a growing trend in the world of live performance and I'm so glad they found my play to be conducive to that.

The show runs through Sunday, September 2 at the Hoogland Center for the Arts. So if you're in the area this weekend, I encourage you to buy some tickets and get yourself down there. I know it's going to be a fantastic show!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Yes, Virginia, there is a National Book Lovers Day

If you've seen The Enchanted Bookshop, then you may remember the scene. The two jewel smugglers have given kindhearted bookshop owner Margie an ultimatum: return the diamond necklace they think she stole (she didn't) or they're going to destroy all the books:

MARGIE: Oh, Bombalurina! What am I going to do? I've been to very jewelry store in town and none of them have the right necklace!

BOMBALURINA: Meow meow! Meow meow meow!

MARGIE: What's that? You want me to lock the door?


MARGIE: Ooh, that's good. Maybe if it looks like we went out of business, those hoodlums will go away. (Goes to the RIGHT EXIT to try to lock the door.)

EDDIE: (Saunters IN just then with FINGERS.) It's a little early to be closin' up shop, ain't it?

MARGIE: What? Oh, uh, not at all! It's National Book Lovers Day! You know, the day people all over the country stay home and read a book!

When I first wrote that scene, I didn't even know there was a National Book Lovers Day. I mean, it sounded right. After all, there's a Moldy Cheese Day (October 9), a Middle Name Pride Day (March 10), a World Sauntering Day (June 19), There's even a National Nothing Day (January 16). So it only makes sense that the millions of bibliophiles should get their own day.

Well, that day is today. And it's kind of ironic, because it's also the day--one year ago--that The Enchanted Bookshop "booked" its first production (Ha! See what I did there?).

If you love books as much as I do, then you're going to want to celebrate this day the way it was meant to be celebrated: by curling up with a good book. And, if you feel really celebratory, visit your favorite bookstore and pick up something new to read.

Margie would be proud.