Thursday, May 17, 2018

Danville Bookshop makes connections

The Enchanted Bookshop got a nice write-up in the Commercial-News of Danville, IL, where the Red Mask Players are performing the play this weekend. (Fun fact: This is the same theater where Hollywood icon Dick Van Dyke got his start.)

Positive feedback is always a good thing, but I'm continue to be thrilled by how people have taken this play to heart. In the article, reporter Brianna Kirkham writes:
[Director Ruey] Sandusky said she feels a special connection to the story because she's an Oakwood librarian herself. 
"I think a lot of kids aren't reading as much now," she said. "I love this play because it inspires people to read more."
Thanks for the kind words, Ruey. I hope you have a fantastic performance!

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