Friday, January 1, 2016

A look ahead to 2016

Over the last year, I successfully retargeted my playwriting career, spending less time submitting and more time writing. And it paid big benefits, allowing me to complete three full-length plays in 2015.

At this point, I can't afford to devote any additional time to writing, so my main direction for the new year is just to keep the momentum going.

Part of that involves the time of day I write. I've discovered that the quality of my writing is much better early in the morning than late at night, and the only way to get up that early is to go to bed early. So I'm resurrecting an old resolution from 2014:

1) Get to bed by midnight each night.

And here are the rest of my goals for 2016:

2) Successfully premiere my new play, The Last Radio Show. (The premiere is about to hit. Rehearsals start tomorrow for the January 14 opening.)

3) Get The Last Radio Show published.

4) Get Kill the Critic! published. (This may be a tough one as Pioneer Drama Service has already rejected it and there aren't too many other publishers who will look at a script that has never been professional produced.)

5) Finish the school play I'm currently working on, my second large-cast play and my first one intended for high school actors.

6) Get that play published.

7) Write a second play. I've got some ideas but haven't started any yet.

8) Lose another 10 pounds (I'm going to need more than exercise now. I may actually need to--gulp!--eat less).

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