Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Enchanted Bookshop video is now online

I've received several requests for videos of The Enchanted Bookshop, my full-length fantasy comedy that just came out in August. So far I've had to hold off the requests with a polite, "Just wait." Although the play has booked a ton of productions (78 to date!), I've only seen a few photos online and no videos.

Until now, that is. The Small Parts Players of Virginia, MN just posted a video of their recent production on YouTube (to view it, click on the video above or go to my Videos page). It includes the entire play, and although the colors are sometimes muted because of the lighting, the sound is excellent.

The young actors are very talented, and I love seeing the enthusiasm and flair they brought to each of their roles.



  1. Todd, I work for the Oldham County Schools Arts Center in Crestwood Kentucky. I'm directing The Enchanted Bookshop for kids aged 10-13, premiering March 22nd! I'm such a huge fan of this script, and I have a lot of fun ideas that will really bring out the hilarity written in the lines. I would love to have your permission to film and post one of our performances! Hope to hear from you! - Makayla

    1. Hi, Makayla. Yeah, you bet you can post a video of one of your performances. I would love to see what you came up with. Break legs!