How I Met Your Mummy
Montabella Junior High School
Edmore, MI
March 2018
Length: 1:04:47 (Entire play)

The Enchanted Bookshop
Holy Rosary Catholic School
Evansville, IN
March 2018
Length: 1:03:58 (Entire play)

The Enchanted Bookshop
Rich Hill Junior High School
Rich Hill, MO
February 2018
Length: 25:08 (Act One), 23:41 (Act Two)

Trouble in Paradise Junction
First Avenue Middle School
Arcadia, CA
December 2017
Length: 1:49:59 (Entire play)

Wicked Is As Wicked Does
Helen Baller Elementary School
Camas, WA
December 2017
Length: 45:24 (Entire play)

The Enchanted Bookshop
Forth Worth Academy
Fort Worth, TX
December 2017
Length: 7:00 (Act One, Scene Five)

The Enchanted Bookshop
Small Parts Players
Virginia, MN
December 2017
Length: 1:16:58 (Entire play)

How I Met Your Mummy
Williston Central Christian Academy
Williston, FL
November 2017
Length: 1:08:36 (Entire play)

Trouble in Paradise Junction
The Arts Place
Cane Ridge, TN
June 2017
Length: 1:59:58 (Entire play)

Million Dollar Meatballs
Prairie Farm Playhouse
Prairie Farm, WI
April 2017
Length: 35:23 (Act One), 32:30 (Act Two)

How I Met Your Mummy
Ideal School of Advanced Learning
Royal Palm Beach, FL
December 2016
Length: 1:21:12 (Entire play)

How I Met Your Mummy
Ardmore Little Theatre
Ardmore, OK
October 2016
Length: 1:54 (Excerpt)

Rumpelstiltskin, Private Eye
Great River Educational Arts Theatre Summer Camp
Paynesville, MN
August 2016
Length: 41:31 (Entire play)

Rumpelstiltskin, Private Eye
Weathersfield School
Weathersfield, VT
June 2016
Length: 58:03 (Entire play)

You're Driving Me Crazy!
Mt. Olive High School
Mt. Olive, IL
April 2016
Length: 26:10 (Entire play)

You're Driving Me Crazy!
Colome High School
Colome, SD
April 2016
Length: 31:27 (Starts at 24:35, Ends at 56:02, Entire play)

You're Driving Me Crazy!
Alcona Community High School
Lincoln, MI
April 26
Length: 7:34 (Scene One)

Million Dollar Meatballs
Wolf Creek Players
Dysart, IA
November 2015
Length: 1:16:04 (Entire play)

Rumpelstiltskin, Private Eye (Trailer only)
Elkton Middle School
Elkton, VA
September 2015
Length: 3:36 (Excerpt from Act One, Scene Two)

You're Driving Me Crazy!
New York, NY
March 2015
Length: 1:32 (Starts at 0:19, Ends at 1:51, Excerpt from Scene Three)

Long Tall Lester
The Fulton School at St. Albans
St. Albans, MO
February 2015
Length: 19:38 (Entire play)

Million Dollar Meatballs
Discovery Canyon Campus High School
Colorado Springs, CO
October 2014
Length: 12:04 (Excerpts from various scenes)

Long Tall Lester
Shelley High School
Shelley, ID
November-December 2013
Length: 5:27 (Excerpt from beginning of play)

You're Driving Me Crazy!
InZone Summer Enrichment Camp
Palatine, IL
August 2012
Length: 7:54 (Scene One)


  1. You should upload a video of the stinky feet gang. I am in this play in my hometown of newton Iowa and I play daisy!

  2. Hi Maxine. I haven't found one online yet, but as soon as I do, you can bet I'll post it here. Break a leg!

  3. Wow, Todd. The Enchanted Bookshop was amazing. You are a great playwright. The reason I'm watching it was because I got Robin Hood. I wanted to see how I Robin Hood should be portrayed, and man, this showed me. Thanks, Todd.

  4. Thanks, Adrian. I'm glad the video helped you. But don't forget to put your own twist on the character. It's what you bring to the role that makes it special.