Free Monologues

I know. I know. It's hard to find good free scripts on the web. That's why I decided to post the best monologues and scenes from my plays here.

Feel free to use these for auditions, classroom readings or other educational purposes. (Please note: Housetraining puppies is not a valid educational purpose.) All are appropriate for teen actors.

If you like the excerpt and want to read or perform the whole play, just follow the link. Of course, that's going to cost ya. But hey, you've got money and I've got bills to pay (boy, oh, boy, do I have bills). So buy lots of them. You'll be glad you did.

Free Monologues

"The Best Little Town in the World" from Trouble in Paradise Junction (full script)

"The Lance Biceps Museum of Manliness" from How I Met Your Mummy (full script)

"Never Take Your Boots Off!" from The Stinky Feet Gang (full script)

"Egypt Ain't Coming To Us" from How I Met Your Mummy (full script)

"Something Fishy" from Lights! Camera! Murder! (for the full script, email me)

"Those People Are KUKU" from The Last Radio Show (for the full script, email me)

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