Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Stinky Feet Gang is now available

Just four days into 2017, and I already have one new play toward my goal of six to be published in the new year. Yes, The Stinky Feet Gang is now available for production.

I had a blast with this one. The characters were a lot of fun to write, and the aromatic appendages of the title provided an endless opportunity for gags.

But the play is more than just a bunch of stink jokes. It's a story of female empowerment (really!) as the women shopkeepers at the heart of the play have to work together to defeat the baddies.

Don't be put off by the cast requirements. The Pioneer Drama Service website says the cast is 10M/8F. But the two leads are female and six of the seven biggest parts are female. Also, as described in the production notes, you can double or change the gender of many of the roles, meaning you can get away with as few as 2 male actors and 15 actors total.

So book the play today. I guarantee your students will never have so much fun!

Here's the blurb:
Something's rotten in Garden City! When Malodorous Mel and his gang rob the town, they use a secret weapon: their smelly feet, guaranteed to incapacitate anyone within twenty yards, But Rose Peddles, owner of the general store, has a plan to stop them. She leads Lily, Hyacinth, and the other flower-named shopkeepers into the gang's secret hideout to de-scent the aromatic appendages with lemon juice. When they find the gang lying in wait for them, however, they're forced to flee for their lives--and their noses! Is there a traitor in their midst? And if so, who? Now the shopkeepers have only one hope left--to fight fire with fire! But how do you out-stink these stinkers? With its large, flexible cast and wacky humor, this Western comedywill leave everyone smelling like... well, a Rose.
For a sample script and ordering info, click here.

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